"My goal for TVT was to create a therapy platform for people who remind me of myself...a person that is  in need of a safe space to process ways to be better.  TVT therapy is  easily accessible & affordable!"


There comes a time in everyone's life when they find themselves in a situation where they need someone to talk to about difficult challenges. Past or present problems can manifest in several disruptive ways and cause delays in self-progression. Therapy is generally suited to discover and explore in an effort to heal. Therapy sets aside time in your life to learn effective ways to better cope and gain clarity. 


TheraCoaching is a wonderful option for people who want the support of a highly trained therapist in reaching goals.  Coaching with The Virtual Therapist is a special combination of achievement-oriented work.  As a trained clinical therapist, Terica understands how to provide supportive encouragement while monitoring progress and fostering clients’ ability to remain focused on their goals.  As a trained clinician, The Virtual Therapist is very well-equipped to address the thought patterns and emotions that are a central part of goal achievement.

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